When did He Go Wrong?


It’s funny how old songs never fail to touch hearts sometimes. Yesterday, this unfamiliar song “Trust His Heart” has got me listening intently to the lyrics….

The past week has been terrible, with lots of thoughts eating away my hope for SnapperDoodles. I thought of how my works are nothing compared to the light of other artist’s successes. I felt like I haven’t been doing good enough on my workshops. I didn’t think I could get through this one-year promise anymore because of all the challenges of being a full time artist. This is the danger when one is a thinker; definitely prone to overthinking.

When the message of the song slowly became clear, I felt my resolve begin to crumble.

God is too wise to be mistaken
God is too good to be unkind
So when you don’t understand
When don’t see his plan
When you can’t trace his hand
Trust His Heart

Full lyrics HERE

It’s amazing how God chose us, though not always the affluent, nor the most influential. To have someone Who sees how much we are capable of doing someday. It is not a mistake that He chose us, we are worth something, and born for a purpose. Sometimes we are led to the narrow road, but always be sure that He knows what He is doing. Life’s roads may get rough, but rest in the promise that He has only the best in store for us.

Look on ahead.