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Find Beauty Among the Ruins

Last summer, I went on a journey to explore the beautiful country of Greece. Little did I know that I would be overwhelmed with how seamlessly ancient ruins could weave itself beautifully into the fabric of modern Greek society.


The majestic temple of Zeus standing tall and proud in the heart of Athens. Just look at how those columns have stood the test of time. Imagine how every piece have been put together by the ancient Greeks. It never ceases to amaze me.


At Syntagma Square with these hungry pigeons.This first stop was followed by a magnificent trip to learn the history of the Acropolis Stadium. This was just my first glimpse of Greece.



We were walking around the city of Athens during the first day and I couldn’t help asking: “What’s that structure on top of the hill?” My question was answered the next day when we climbed up to see that what is there is so much more than what I had expected.


Seen from the city is Acropolis, the highest point of Athens. Beautiful isn’t it?

Sometimes in life, you can’t see the breathtaking view until you muster the courage to climb the mountain.




During our day-trip, we ventured on a boat ride to see the different islands surrounding Greece. One of them is this quaint island called Hydra. This little island is a town in itself, with little shops and cafes near the water. What’s fascinating is that the townspeople here have donkeys to get around, nope, no cars!



This breathtaking view where the sky meets the beautiful Greek dome-shaped architecture was taken from the island of Santorini. We stayed here a couple of days, and if I could, I would’ve stayed much longer. There were numerous mini-shops greeting passersby along the alley, from nifty book nooks to one-of-a-kind trinket stores.



The town of Nafplio. Bustling with life through it’s diversity in art, music and delicacies.

IMG_4216 IMG_4222

I love the bliss whenever I draw my adventures on my journal. It helps me remember not only the place, but also the little memories that come with my travels. When I look back, it’s the little moments that touch my heart to this day. Such as the time my mom and I shared a large Greek pretzel-like dessert, the ice cream cone I had in Athens despite the biting cold winds or the fact that not a day goes by without a serving of delicious Greek yogurt (yummy!), and the time when I looked down from the highest peak of Greece and thought to myself:

“All these man-made bricks, statues and temples  are truly majestic, but nothing compares to the beauty of nature that my God has surrounded it all with”.



I am often asked how I find time to draw during these trips. Despite the hustle and bustle during the morning tours, I try to find time to relax in a cafe as a short pit-stop to write down the events that happened during the day. Always remember to write down the important details, you can sketch them later in the evening (if you aren’t too tired!)IMG_4458

The Greeks have a habit of drinking Frappe every now and then. I find that I also belong to this place where it is bursting with art, history, culture…and yes, coffee!



The mystical trail of Delphi, after a hike atop the mountains of Greece.


The Dyonisus Theater. It’s size and design is jaw-droppingly (if that is even a word) – incredible! It may be huge, but dropping a coin or stomping your feet at the center circle of the theater can be heard throughout the entire stadium.


For those who are wondering, what is Greek food like? Three words. Fresh, Simple, Flavorful. This is my favorite, which I have learned to make at home. The Traditional Greek Salad. (Bell Peppers, Onions, Lettuce, Olives, EVOO, Tomatoes and Cucumbers, Generously topped with Feta Cheese!)

Aside from the Greek Salad, I have enjoyed the Greek Yogurt, to which none can compare. Not a day passed in Greece without us having a portion of this!




Travelling is a perfect opportunity to experience something new. I give myself time to think when I travel, knowing that the adventure that lies ahead is so much greater than what I have left behind. It’s such a memorable experience when you put your thoughts and emotions down on paper, because every step of the journey is an adventure.


I’m opening classes once more for a basic lettering workshop, and since vacation is just around the corner, I thought a travel journal would be perfect! If you’d like to learn the art of handlettering and how to start your own travel journal, you can

Register for the workshop here:


Hope to see you soon!

Say yes to new adventures. 🙂

*All photos taken with an iPhone5


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Products, Tips and Tricks

Tools of the Trade (Features and Reviews)

Hello everyone!

I’ve been having a lot of inquiries regarding the materials I use for my art and lettering. This has inspired me to create a blog post for the materials I’ve tried throughout my journey. These pens, inks and watercolors are truly portable little rainbows that have brought much color into my life!








The Filed NeoFine Fineliner Set is truly a box of rainbows. Here is an artwork I made with the fineliners. The tip of these pens (0.40mm) enabled smooth writing and doodling. However because these pens are water based, make sure you don’t keep coloring / shading on the same areas as the ink will seep through the back of the paper (I used 80gsm paper). Using thicker surfaces such as vellum and 100+gsm might work better with this water-based pen. Overall, it’s perfect for note-taking in class. I’m sure I’d write with this in school to keep my notes fun and colorful!








These bright-colored pens are dual-tipped. It’s versatility makes it the perfect go-to for calligraphy and lettering.The two tips give an advantage for shading in large areas (brush tip) and for creating details too (slim tip). The ink is bright and not too thick that it would seep through the paper.





The Le Plume brush pen possesses a lighter hue compared to others. The ink is pretty thick and more water-based than most, it will seep through thin paper. Though I love the way it slides through the paper smoothly, and how closely it resembles the feel of using an actual brush.





One of my favorite brands! The all-around marker! These markers provide bold and bright colors, perfect for the creative at heart. Best to use thicker boards or paper, and all other non-porous surfaces when using Sharpie.


IMG_9120 IMG_9197


Although not the typical artist go-to, I love the black (twin tip) marker of Dong-A. I used this one for outlining and for shading, more often than not for my watercolor illustrations and lettering works.




This one is meant to be a highlighter, but I always find a different purpose for my coloring materials. I bought mine from Japan.



IMG_7623 IMG_7630


I love, love, love my koi watecolor set. Although it’s a bit more costly, it’s a purchase I didn’t regret. The colors are bold and bright, just the way I like my palette. The watercolors are concentrated as well, use sparingly for softer tones.




I knew I should’ve bought myself a set of these during my trip to Japan last year! Luckily my boyfriend got this for me as a birthday surprise. The palette is very concentrated, meaning you can use just a little and have a solid texture.


1471223_10154639908595525_7950155180526300715_n 10841161_10154907232005525_784326360_n


The most affordable and has found it’s way to be called the “sweet” watercolor. Why sweet? It’s thick consistency makes the colors bold and bright. The watercolor has a syrupy thickness when added with a little water. Most people say that ants keep finding their way to their Prang palettes. Despite all that, yes, it’s also an artist’s must-have.

Shop: National Bookstore




(Pictured on the background)


My first ever fountain pen. Also a gift from my boyfriend when he came back from Germany almost a year ago. I love that they have branches here in the Philippines so you could simply buy the refills (it comes in lots of different colors too! Next time I’ll try the neon yellow!).



Very handy and writes smoothly. The tip is smaller than the usual fountain pen, but it’s the perfect travel fountain pen. I got mine from Japan and took home a couple of refills too, just in case I don’t get to visit Japan anytime soon!

For a complete list of tech-pens that I use, you can visit my other blog post about them here:


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Passion & Profession


I’m utterly and indescribably thankful for how far the Lord has brought SnapperDoodles in a span of one year. When I left corporate, I never would have thought that passion, when pursued could open so many doors and unexplored possibilities.

On April 19, 2015 (Sunday), the article about how SnapperDoodles began was out on the newspaper! I recalled the events leading to this opportunity and I can only say one thing: “God is Good!”

Passion & Profession


Pearlyn Choco, creator of SnapperDoodles Design and owner of Tiny Treasures PH, documents her thoughts and musings through typography and doodling.

MANILA, Philippines – It has been said that when you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.

This rings true with 22-year-old Pearlyn Choco, the lady behind the well-loved Instagram account @snapperdoodles where she documents her thoughts and musings through  typography and doodling. This journey later on became her ticket to going full-time as an artist.

Pearl, who is also the creator of Snapperdoodles Design and owner of Tiny Treasures PH, found her passion in lettering, art and design. With her unique works posted on Instagram, she generated more than 14,000 followers in just 10 months. Pearl now continues to showcase her distinctive artistry online and social media platforms.

A petite lady with a contagious sweet smile, Pearl carries a reserved and innocent vibe. But the moment she opens herself up, one will see a strong and motivated person ready to tackle life’s challenges.

Pearl grew up in an environment where financial stability and security are viewed with high regard. So in college, she took up Management of Financial Institutions at De La Salle University. Even before she graduated, Pearl found a job at a multi-national company where she worked hard sticking to the “corporate routine.” A couple of months later, she left for another banking career but again, the 9 to 5 job didn’t allow her to have creative freedom. This fueled her desire to explore the field of arts more. So she mustered all her courage and decided to exchange the security of a stable employment for a chance to start fresh and become a freelance artist. “I took the matter to prayer and fasting because I was so desperate to find my purpose in life,” says Pearl.

SnapperDoodles, which Pearl personally defines as her life in snaps (photography) and doodles (typography), became her way of giving glory to God through the talent and skill He has given her.

In just a few months, Pearl was able to launch her own product lines, participate in bazaars and conduct basic typography workshops. Through her art, Pearl has inspired a handful of individuals to explore their own artistic sides while working on wonderful collaborative works with people whom she shares the same passion with. “If you think you can’t do something, you really wouldn’t be able to accomplish it. I was like that before but I learned to choose to think otherwise,” she explains.

Pearl finds beauty in simplicity, which is evident in her art. Lines, curves and a bit of color here and there reflects her simple personality. Like her art, Pearl believes that every girl is beautiful the way she is. “Nobody is perfect, and that’s one thing to accept,” she assures.

For Pearl, a confident woman is a beautiful woman but a little help from one’s trusted makeup brand doesn’t hurt. She uses Careline products to prep up and complete her look.

Starting with the face, Pearl uses Careline BB Cream as a base to hide imperfections and keeps skin fresh-looking. This BB Cream has three shades — Natural, Fresh and Nude — that perfectly matches the Filipina skin tone.

Pearl emphasizes her beautiful eyes using the Careline Color Pencil. Formulated to glide on smoothly, it can be smudged for a soft smoky effect or to create bold lines that will make the eyes pop.

Finally, Pearl opts for a soft natural flush using the Careline Oil Control Blush-on. It comes in 10 shades that will match her day-to-day activities.

“I believe that makeup helps enhance our beauty. Simple makeup helps us stand out,” Pearl adds.

As someone whose confidence shines through her simple, unique personality, Pearl is a good role model to teens who are finding their own place in the world. Through her experience, Pearl leaves a strong message to teens, “Do not live for other people’s approval or conform to someone else’s standards. Instead of hiding behind insecurities, find what you are best at and shine,” she says.

Looking back, Pearl is thankful for being part of the corporate world where she learned many things, acknowledging that it was a stepping stone to her higher purpose in life. “By the grace of God SnapperDoodles came to be and thank God my mission on earth has begun,” Pearl concludes.

Photography by Mot Rasay • Makeup by Mary Jane Arpa of Ever Bilena Cosmetics • Clothes by Jellybean

LINK TO THE ARTICLE: Passion and Profession

Here are some behind the scenes photos of the shoot with Ever Bilena for The Philippine Star’s Allure.



It has been such a memorable experience, being interviewed by a fellow Christian too! It made us both so happy to see how God works amazingly in people’s lives. Getting all dressed up is definitely something new to me as well because I don’t normally wear anything as fancy as these!

Maybe I should start doing so now? 🙂

Amidst prosperity and loss,

Successes and trials,

There is only one thing that remains true:

God is Good!


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Three Months to Go


It is when your days are numbered that you begin to hold on to what little time you have left, savoring every minute, and making the most out of every millisecond.

As I was walking home from a client meeting, my thoughts went back to the three months I have left. Although I am ready to return to the office life, I still have many thoughts as to whether or not this is where I truly belong. It has been a wonderful experience, my one-year with Snapperdoodles. If I hadn’t left the corporate world, I might have a sum of disposable income in my hands, but I asked myself one question that justified my decision: After all that you have experienced since you started SnapperDoodles, would you trade it for the amount of income you would have earned if you stayed in the office? I stopped and thought about it, and here is my answer:

“Over the one-year period, there had been so many things I never would have had the chance to experience had I not taken the leap of faith to pursue my passions – full time. Since June when I began, I mustered the courage to go beyond my comfort zone, being the wallflower that I am, I was able to conduct workshops and enjoy the company of new people, I have met fellow artists who are tremendously talented, I have made collaborations with various organizations, by the grace of God He has helped me launch my own product lines such as postcards, stickers and tote bags and I have been able to help people through the verses and quotes I write about on Instagram. I would never trade all these for a large sum of money. The definition of success varies for different people, and to me it’s about being able to turn your passion into something more, being able to live for something above yourself and glorifying God in everything you do.”

I’ve had many people say how brave it was that I have decided to pursue a full-time freelance career. I’d like to take this chance to say that it was one of the most difficult choices I’ve had to make in life. Growing up in a Chinese family, it was never, and is still NOT what parents would have in mind for their daughter. I’d say I’m pretty reckless and unconventional, all this and more, but nothing close to brave.

They say that when it is God’s will, everything will just fall into place. I am a witness of this reality and I am not ashamed to declare that my life is a proof of God’s unending faithfulness.


Three months left, but I know God’s work in my life won’t end there.

It takes a lot to jump out one’s comfort zone, but trust that where God leads, there He will surely provide.

Press on in faith,


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A Letter to My Future Valentine

vday doodle

Dear Valentine,

It’s a bright Saturday morning on February 14. I sit here at the park, watching as couples take their leisurely stroll. I see they twinkle in their eyes as they look at each other as if it’s the first time they met. There is so much love around today and I  can’t help but wonder… “Where are you, my other half? What’s taking you so long?”

Yes, I admit I am envious. It’s the day of love and here I am, alone on a dusty old park bench holding a half-eaten turkey sandwich instead of my lover’s hand. So many thoughts drifted through my mind. “Did cupid forget about me?”, “Is there something I’m not doing right? Maybe I should learn to flirt better.”, “I’ve been single all my life, oh, what might people say?”, “Should I be more active in looking for my soul mate or should I just go with the flow?”, “I can’t stand going through another year alone.”

As much as I’d hate to admit it. Yes, I AM bitter on the sweetest day of the year.

But as I sat there (yes, with my sandwich keeping me company), I realized a handful of things that would help me hate Valentine’s Day a little less. And that is why I am writing this letter to you today…


My future valentine. Hello. I know we haven’t met yet, but I know you would love it when you read this letter someday.

Would it surprise you if I told you that each night as I lay my head down to sleep, I think about you? I wonder what you’re like and how we would meet. Sometimes during the clearest nights when the stars shine the brightest, I look at the moon and hope that across the miles, you are looking up at it too.

People say that love is all about timing. Do you think we’ve crossed paths already in the past? I’d love to think so, maybe when the time is right, we’ll find each other again. It took me a while before I realized the power of these simple words: “Why rush?”. True enough, why did I ever? I may not have you in my life yet, but I know that you are worth every second of the wait. I am no longer looking for a fling, I want something real. If waiting is what it takes to have it, then wait for you I shall.

I know that someday when the time is right, our paths will cross again, and for the first time in my life, I we would just KNOW. You will be the one who could give me the warmest hugs. I know your smile would still give me the butterflies no matter how long we’ve been together. You’ll be the one who would hold my hand through life’s toughest times. You will be the motivation for me to become a better version of myself each day. You will be my cheerleader whenever I feel frustrated. And I know that you are the only one who can love me unconditionally at my best and at my worst. As we grow older, I will still feel like the happiest kid when I’m with you. For a love like this, my valentine, I will not trade for anything so fleeting.

No, there is nothing I’m doing wrong and there is no need to pretend to be someone I’m not. I know you will love me and see me as beautiful even during no-makeup-days, sweatshirt-days and bad-hair-days. I admit I am weird in my own way, but I will fall deeper in love with you because that’s when you will say: “That’s great! Let’s be weird together.”

Valentine, it could take weeks, months or years before our paths meet. But I know when that day comes, we will both be ready for the best that is in store. I may not have you now for Valentine’s day, but it fills me with joy knowing that you are mine and I am yours since the beginning of time.

So then, my Valentine,

Until we meet.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you!


During my bazaar in DLSU (University Week, Feb 9-11) I heard dozens of passers-by dreading the arrival of February 14th. Nobody even dreaded the usual Friday the 13th. That’s why I thought of writing about what a single’s perspective would be like, and what it should rather be.

I wrote this blog post because I know how it feels like to be part of this fast-paced generation. I’ve been through the stage of peer pressure, when getting into a relationship seems like “fun” and helps one “fit-in” (though I’m not saying that’s the reason for most relationships). I can say that I’ve never had a boyfriend all my life, but have been through several “in-between” relationships that left me heartbroken (no words could explain the pain I went through). It is human nature to look for love, especially now, but sometimes it takes the most painful relationships to teach oneself to learn to wait.

Pray unceasingly. God has the best in store for you. 🙂





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Burnt out.

As an artist and a normal human being, I regret to say that I am limited. There are good days when I can draw exactly what I have pictured in my head, and of course there bad days when I just stare at the blank piece of paper in front of me. Recently there had been an abundance of those bad days, the lack of inspiration and the agony of feeling unproductive. Let me give you a peek at what an artist’s bad day looks like: Sketchpads with unfinished doodles strewn across the table, spilling that bottle of (very) expensive ink and the worst part would be staring into space, waiting for that lightbulb moment.

My days have been like this on repeat for a couple of days and I started to wonder if there was something I’ve been doing wrong. This led to over-thinking, comparing and (a lot of) asking: “Where do I go from here?”, “Is there still a point pursuing SnapperDoodles full-time?”, “Is it about time to go back to corporate?”, “Financially, why am I stuck?”, “What’s in store for me in the future?” and so on.



I figured that I have none of the answers to these, so I resolved to prayer and spending more time with the Lord. The past few days have brought me back on track as I realized a couple of things:

1. No pressure.

There are far too many people I want to please through the business: my clients, my family, my friends, myself (which would be the hardest, truth be told). But I forgot Who I am doing all this for, I neglected the very person, the only Person I’m living to please.

2. Money matters, but it’s not ALL that matters.

During my elementary days, I was window shopping with my mother when I saw how expensive and beautiful clothes were at Mark’s& Spencer. That day I told myself: “One day, I will be rich and that’s where I will shop!” Recently, I’ve opened up to Don about my recurring problem – Finances. Each day I kept beating myself up for my in-capabilities, thinking that there must be something MORE that I can do for the business, but then he stopped me in my tracks and asked:

“What is it you really want to do in life?”

In my life, I want to keep doing what I love and to make Him known through it.

“Okay good. So tell me, WHO owns SnapperDoodles?”

I was speechless.

“It’s not about your career, but rather about God.” (Ptr. Peter Tan-Chi, Feb 1, 2015, CCF Sunday Message)

Nothing was in my control to begin with, the volume of workshop registrants, the sales at the bazaar and not even the commission work – yet time and again, God proves Himself faithful and provides me with enough. All this time I’ve been carrying this heavy burden on my shoulders, wanting to do more, clenching tightly to the business, refusing to simply let go and let God.

My d-group leader recently explained to me:

“We all want control of our lives, thinking that we have the power to see things go our way. How can God give you blessings when you are holding on too tightly to certain things? God can’t bless you when your fists are closed. He will bless you when your palms are open to receive.”

Come to think of it, there wouldn’t be any “Financial concerns” to begin with had I learned to see that I wake up each day with ENOUGH. No I am not rich enough to have a shopping spree at Mark’s & Spencer, but I’d rather have Jesus than what this world could offer.

“But this happened so we would not trust in ourselves but in God…”

“Sometimes all you will have is your belief that something is possible, that miracles can happen… Believe that God will provide whatever you lack.” (Limitless, Nick Vujicic)

“God gives you power, with a purpose. If you do not experience God in your life, you are still in the comfort zone.” (Ptr. Peter Tan-Chi, Feb 1, 2015, CCF Sunday Message)

If there’s one thing I learned through my one-year journey, it is that THIS is living out of the comfort zone. The path I am in now is where I will clearly see how God works, both wonderfully and mysteriously.

3. God cares about what you want.

Why wouldn’t He? During one of my quiet times, in Matthew, what would normally be a simple verse that I would read through, has struck me for the first time: “What is it you want?” (Matt 20:21) and “What do you want me to do for you” (Matt 20:32). This melted my heart, seeing that what I want actually mattered to Him.

Don’t be afraid to tell Him what you really want, your hopes, dreams and aspirations, go ahead. Make them known.

“If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.” (Matt 21:22)



Have faith, not everything goes our way, but trust that He wants ONLY the best for us – ALWAYS.



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Facebook: SnapperDoodles
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New Year Realizations

Hello everyone! It’s been a while (and I mean a really, really long time) since my last post. December has been such a blast, as I’ve decided to take a long break from work and took some time to spend time with my family. The short break has also helped me ponder on things, and this new year, I have a couple of  resolutions  realizations.


Realization 1:

Routine (n.) – a boring state or situation in which things are always done the same way (Webster’s)

On New Year’s Eve I was busy drawing on coasters without using a pencil beforehand. Dad commented: “You don’t pencil first before drawing with an ink pen?” to which I replied “Sometimes when you get used to it, you just go straight to using a pen”. It took me a few days before I realized, it’s a dangerous thing being “used to” something. As a person, this is what we call a routine. As an artist, this is poison. We can’t go on about life dragging ourselves along the path of mundane routines. If we could write our story, would it be like a broken record playing the same tune each day? 2015 is a blank slate where we could choose to do better, and I say “choose to” because it requires a choice and a conscious effort. Every day is a choice, to smile or frown, to hold grudges or forgive, to try something new or stick to routine.



Realization 2:

Discontent (adj.) – not pleased or satisfied (Webster’s)

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It opens your mind to the possibility of something better. Over the past couple of weeks, my mind has been a factory of ideas. There are so many things I would like to launch for SnapperDoodles this 2015. However while slowly turning  ideas into reality, from one idea to another, and one sample output to the next, I saw that they weren’t as good as I had hoped – and yes of course I was quick to give up. A dear friend told me: “It’s good that you are unhappy with the outcome, it simply shows that there is still room for improvement. There is hope to create something better. Why give up?”



Realization 3:

Love (n.) and (v.) – a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person (Webster’s)

Fiction (n.) – written stories about people and events that are not real : literature that tells stories which are imagined by the writer

I must admit I’ve always wondered if “true love” is just an emotion confined in the realms of fiction books and imagination. There had been a point in my life of course, where I sought for affection and ended up clinging to something utterly temporary – and painful. By God’s redeeming grace and His perfect time, He opened my eyes to see that the love in fiction books, is real. For fellow bookworms, yes someone like Augustus Waters exists. Someone will come along and love you unconditionally – regardless of what you wear, the bad hair days, the highly unusual food cravings, the WWII-kind-of-mood-swings, they will love you because you are YOU. This will also be that someone who will make you finally believe in the elusive reality of “Forever”.



Realization 4:

Faith (n.) –  “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” (Hebrews 11:1)

I not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve always been afraid of New Years. I know what you’re thinking:  “What?! Why? But it’s an exciting thing to welcome another year! Lots of fireworks – and food!”

Like most people, I am a person who is prone to fear, worry, regret and insecurity. I am insecure about my abilities, where I am and where I’m going. I regret the past and try to charge it to experience. I worry about the future, and I fear it at the same time. Fear of what the year may bring, fear of the incapability to meet my own standards, fear of the possible failure to keep Snapperdoodles going, fear of displeasing my peers, fear here, there and everywhere.

On New Year’s Eve, our room was silent, I could only hear the breaths of my sleeping brothers next to me. They we sleeping so soundly despite the loud noise – or maybe the noise was really just in my head. All those fears, the worries and the doubts. I quieted the voices in my head and prayed, earnestly and sincerely: “Father, I’m scared of the coming year and what it would be like for me.” I read the Bible and this beautiful verse brought me to silent tears.

Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you (Hebrews 13:5)


NEVER ( adv.) – not in any degree :  not under any condition

Never. Now that I think about it, what a strong word that is. How many times have the people in our lives live up to that one-word promise?

The welcoming of a new year could be a beautiful chance to start anew, or another dreadful 365-days to live through. Whatever it might be for us, it should be considered a blessing nonetheless.

For those who are afraid of the future, like myself here is what God told me  on New Year’s Eve:

“I know you are worried about many things. Have you not seen how I have brought you through 2014? Dont you believe that I can bring you through again this time? I have never left you to fend for yourself. I never left you, and I never will. I know you do not doubt Me, but yourself and your abilities to make it through another year. Throughout 2014, I have shown my power through your weaknesses and I will continue to. So do not worry about what you can’t do, this time, think about what I can do.”

Have faith. He will bring you through.