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Thoughts of a Full-Time Artist / Entrepreneur / Blogger


10 Things I’ve learned after pursuing art full-time:

1. You can’t pursue your dream if you’re not ready to endure sleepless nights, countless failures, loss and opposition.

2. Sometimes when you lose one thing, you gain something better.

3. In life’s journey, a time comes when you just have to walk alone.

4. Every day is a new day to learn, to feel, to experience and to create.

5. You are born for a purpose, it’s never too early nor too late to figure out what that is.

6. Life is not a competition of who does it better than who.

7. Do all that you can with the time you’ve been given. Life is terribly short.

8. When God tells you to do something, just DO IT. Trust me, you’ll be surprised.

9. Miracles happen once you let go and let God.

10. Be that miracle.