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The Truth About Freelancing


Who ever said freelancing is all rainbows and butterflies? Is it really greener on the other side of formal employment? I guess it’s time to lay out all the cards and have a take from different perspectives.

So. Freelancing. To some it may seem like there’s no better way to go than to “Be your own boss”. Isn’t that amazing? No more getting pushed around, yelled at and embarrassed in front of your office mates. Better yet, you have all the time in the world to work at your own pace, arrange your own schedules and even squeeze in a few minutes  hours for yourself Facebook! Oh wait there’s more! For those with studios, they are five steps away from the “office”. Woah. Awesome right? Talk about freedom, flexibility and work-life balance. Oh, bliss!

Well, that’s one way to look at freelancing. Here’s another:

When you wake up early in the morning and look out the window, you admire the serenity and anticipate all that the day might bring (which isn’t much to be honest). Anyway, as you go through the day, you are puzzled where all the inspiration went. As a freelance artist, it’s difficult to produce beautiful art when uninspired. Imagine trying to squeeze water out of  dry rug, that’s how it feels like, or maybe it’s just me. So the rest of the day which you hoped would be more productive ends up with a mess of eraser dusts, pencil shavings and that same, clean white paper you started with.

Of course the entire week isn’t at all that bad. It happens to me mostly on Mondays (Why, oh why?)

The BETTER days are composed of several completed artworks, proposals made ready, on-site visits, most drafts approved and most of all – happy clients. Now that, is Incomparable. Sheer. Bliss. Especially for a workaholic like myself. Knowing that your work has paid off is one of the most satisfying rewards in the freelance business.

My BEST days look like this: Imagine waiting ages for the train to arrive and standing behind a fifty-people line in the blistering heat, perfect right? The Philippine public transportation could do better. Anyway,  I go through this to meet up with people for a SnapperDoodles Lettering workshop. It might seem like such a stretch, but after meeting the people, exchanging stories and having a glimpse into the beauty of their lives; the momentary sacrifice has been worth it.


Before I left my day job, I knew I wanted to do freelance with hopes that it would bring me closer to my dream of becoming a famous artist. I wanted succeed on my own, but I didn’t know entirely where I was going, I was lost and was too proud to admit it. I prayed hard for months, asking if leaving the corporate scene would be wise or utterly stupid. It would be like giving up the oasis while you’re in a barren desert.

Months passed and my prayer was answered. He asked me this simple question:

“Who’s in charge here?”

With that, I let go of my own dream. Now I live with purpose, and a renewed goal: To make Him known through art.

I know the major shift of career has been a big jump for me, to go from the banking industry into the creative. To be completely honest, it isn’t as financially secure as it would have been with a day job. Freelancing isn’t all that easy, it comes with a great price. I’ve sacrificed a lot. I had to cut back on my shopping budget, I would rarely eat out and most of my finances are reinvested into the business. Despite all this though, I could say that I am happy. Genuinely happy.

Here I learned that when you have little, you learn to work with what little you have and you learn to appreciate the simple, meaningful things in life.

Now, I’m not telling you to join me in this risky freelancing business. I just hope that you would do what ultimately gives your life purpose and meaning. Life is short. If today was your last day, would you say you lived life to the fullest?


Lots of feels and thoughts here today.







I recently informed over on Instagram that I won’t be holding big class workshops anymore, here’s why:

I believe it is more effective to teach as well as to build relationships in small groups at a time. You can only have a handful of friends in a room of fifty people. That’s why I would like to keep the fun and casual vibe of the Snapperdoodles Workshop by keeping the numbers small but significant 🙂

Workshop Registration: HERE



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Nowhere Else I’d Rather Be


I have a friend who is going through a difficult stage in life right now, one with much sorrow and heartache – but a pain that is necessary nonetheless. I’ve been through the same thing two years ago in December, when the person I held dear left me in the pit of despair. That is why I’m secretly afraid of  January 1st, because that New Year’s Eve, was the loneliest day of my life. During those dark days, I sat and cried, asking God “Why” this happened and “What” I could have done to avoid it or just to have another chance. I didn’t find solace in the comfort of my friends, but rather, found it in the loving arms of my parents, whom I have rebelled against during my teen years.

Despite the feeling of having my heart ripped, trampled on, crushed and abandoned, I praise and thank God for that humbling experience. All my life I’ve been looking for the kind of love we read about in novels. I thought that by finding someone, it would help me find happiness. I went in and out of relationships, eventually realizing:

“Why did I end up exactly where I started… and worse?”

It’s both funny and wonderful how God gives us trials to wake us up and get us out of the cycle, at one point or another.

A few years have passed, and I’m here: Writing a blog post about the excruciating and indescribable pain of heart breaks, creating artworks for Him, living each day by faith and proud to be SINGLE. I’ve had enough of finding a little fling, no more commitments because of the butterflies in my stomach and it’s the end of finding happiness in the wrong places. I’ll keep my ears closed from empty words, and my eyes open for actions that speak much louder. Ladies, don’t ever lower your standards, stand by what you want in a man, and wait… Wait patiently.  The best things in life could take a while, well, isn’t true love worth the wait? Why risk your heart going through all that pain again?

Don’t over-analyze, we’re not Sherlock and enough with the guesswork. If a man loves you truly and faithfully, you WILL know. Don’t settle to be someone’s “Maybe“.

And most of all, don’t stop praying for God’s Best in your life. Aim to be nowhere else, but in the center of His will. 🙂 Trust me, this place is AMAZING.


For everyone who is hurting inside, may this song help you soar higher than the height you’ve fallen: Life Me Up

 You lift me up when I am weak
Your arms wrap around me
Your love catches me so I’m letting go
You lift me up when I can’t see
Your heart is all that I need
Your love carries me so I’m letting go




If I Could Wear Hoodies All Week



Back then in elementary, I remember how boy-ish I was: I didn’t like jewelry, I didn’t wear skirts (or sleeveless tops) and makeup was disgusting! Funny how things change when people grow up.


Fast forward to twelve years after, I wear skirts now, I put on simple jewelry (my favorite Pearl earrings, is definitely a must!) and the everyday eyeliner I wear when I leave the house. But no matter how hard I try, I could never seem to get all dolled up like most girls. I wish I could though! I always end up prioritizing comfort over style.

You’d normally see me in denim shorts and a blouse when I hit the mall, a cafe or a casual dinner out with friends. I look so boring I think I need a fashion consultant haha!  I’ve always wished that there would be winter here in the Philippines. I’d love to wear hoodies and loose shirts all week! Here’s a photo of me in Tagaytay back when it was chilly! The view plus the cold weather while drinking hot chocolate is heaven on earth.


People often say:  When you wear a plain outfit “You have to accessorize” And accessorize with doodles, I did. HAHA!



My second #TypeMy10 post. Pretty random bits and pieces about SnapperDoodles.

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Stay fashionable! *wink*