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Love is Waiting for God’s Best


I stare blankly at the computer screen right now as I figure out what to say. I want to write about LOVE, but I don’t know what to say about it – and I wish I did.

I’ll try. Here goes.

I’ve always wanted to have that kind of love that people write novels about. Don’t we all?

I believed that love letters, kisses under the stars, romantic strolls in the park, and just being flat-out-crazy-in-love are nothing more than just works of fiction. But then again, can there be a fiction without a reality? Can these fictional definitions of love actually be true?

Love is so strong that if two souls are truly meant to be, they will find a way to be together (Danielle Steele, Until the End of Time).  Love looks past all sicknesses, weaknesses and human limitations (John Green, The Fault in Our Stars).  Love also defies all laws known to human science, and reverses the somewhat irreversible (Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook). True love is also something not even death could put and end to (Cecelia Ahern, P.S I Love You).

I have read so many romantic novels like these before, and the concept of “LOVE” isn’t foreign to me. However, looking back to my teenage years, I suppose, if anything, it gave me false hope and reinforced my hunger to feel loved, to be special in someone’s eyes and to be accepted for who I am. Isn’t that what we all desire? I just noticed now, how “me”-centered this all is.

Soon after a series of heartbreaks and loss, I learned that sometimes the kind of love we look for can be found lying on the bookstore shelves. Save yourself the time and the heartbreak, read a Nicholas Sparks book instead.

Kidding aside, now I am no longer blinded by false ideals of what love should be like based on novels. I’ve settled to wait for God’s Best. For those who aren’t familiar with the term:

Waiting for God’s Best: Never compromising your standards in finding a life-partner, while patiently awaiting God’s best match for you.

More on this here: God’s Best or All the Rest?

With God’s Best….

You don’t ALWAYS have to be doing something. Movies? Dinner-dates? Shopping? Sometimes love is simply finding comfort in doing NOTHING together.

You don’t run after the butterflies-in-the-stomach feeling. Rather it’s about waiting for the butterfly to come at the right time.

Missed opportunity? Love is about letting go. Half the time is about waiting, the other is about trusting God and His purposes. If they return, it’s because they were meant for you from the start.

Love is not perfect, it’s about two people knowing perfection in what they are as one. Just be the best while praying for the best.

Can those cheezy romantic-novel scenes actually happen? Yup, they can. But not in the way you would imagine. Let the moment work it’s own magic. After all, God is the author of your love story.

There is peace. Deep down in your heart, you just know God is the One who made your paths cross.

Don’t expect God’s Best to be perfect. They will have some cracks and dents, but it’s about accepting the person for who they are in the past, present and future.

You can simply be yourself. Pimples? Something stuck in your teeth? Bad hair day? God’s best wouldn’t care. They will look beyond all that and love you anyway.





God’s best or all the rest?