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Heroes, Blessed to Bless


This October I had the chance to meet up with Jam Pangilinan, the big-hearted woman behind Share Movement. What I thought would be a casual-meetup became a game plan for a mission this year 2014.

That day was truly an eye-opener for me… and I hope this post will help share our mission with you as well.

We can all simply order fast food from McDonald’s, sip a 100-bucks-worth-cup-of-coffee, or even eat beyond what we can in buffets that cost a fortune. But as we enjoy life’s pleasures, there are millions out there who aren’t as privileged. There are  many who would work until their backs break, just to earn enough to send their kids to school… (and yes, their tuition fees don’t even amount to that gorgeous pair of heels you bought yesterday.) I even know of a child whose birthday-wish this year is to have a meal from McDonald’s. For many of us, we can simply make McDonald’s an everyday thing.

What we often take for granted, are the pleasures many people could barely afford.

Who knew one afternoon could change how you see life? If we say life isn’t easy, how much more so for these people? These are the less fortunate, but they are the ones who make it a habit to thank God each day for what little they have.

Like myself, I believe there are hundreds of people who are willing to reach out but never really know how to. We can donate monetarily, we can give out our old clothes and even pack some canned goods, but when will help truly be enough for the many who are in need?



Out of love for these children, this coming December, SnapperDoodles will be collaborating with Share Movement to give everyone an opportunity to reach out to these children – through ART. We’ll be hosting a lettering workshop where the proceeds  will be given to charity, with hopes we all could change someone’s life for the better. In this workshop you will learn a new skill, while extending help to the less-fortunate. Who said you could give without having anything in return?

This project is not a “You-should-because-you-could” thing though… Sure, it wouldn’t be an immediate 360 degree change to the world, but who knows how far one act of kindness could go?

We’re all together in this mission, right? I’ll see you there then!

Oh wait… I almost forgot to mention, the child I mentioned wasn’t able to get his McDonald’s birthday wish this year..


Let’s all join in. We’re all heroes, blessed to bless.



















Art Meets ANIMO!



After many requests to open workshops in the South, SnapperDoodles is finally heading to the Taft area! Whew it feels like decades since I last visited my alma mater! Can’t wait til tomorrow to meet up a few people for another Lettering Workshop. I’m sure many things have changed since I last visited (I think my last trip to DLSU was Oct 2012), time sure flies!

The big class workshop last Saturday made me realize that I am more comfortable and teach more effectively in a small group rather than a big one. So, these coming -BER months, the Snapperdoodles Workshops will be on full swing with one-on-one classes and mini workshops (3-4 students).

In spreading the love of traditional art and lettering, I try my best to make the workshops more and more accessible. (I still don’t know how to drive and commute to many places, so Banawe and Taft will be the venues for now). Don’t worry, I will surely announce if I will open more venues on my Instagram page! 🙂

I hope that the coming months would be fun and fruitful for us all before the end of another year 2014. Mark off Lettering Workshops from your bucket lists and come join my classes in

Taft: Noriter and Cafe De Seoul
Banawe: Chef Roberts and Serenitea


To join the regular scheduled workshops, register on the online form below.

To open private workshops for you and your group of friends (3 persons) on your preferred date, please send me an e-mail:



My Happy Place


Coffee used to be poison for me, back then in college. I hated it, the sight of it, the smell of it, was yucky. One day I was stuck waiting for someone in a cafe, I had no choice but to order something: White Chocolate Dream Latte from Coffe Bean and Tea Leaf. That was the start of my love for coffee.

Now, cafe’s are my home and coffee is my creative drink haha!

If you see my posts on Instagram: SnapperDoodles  you’d see tons of art + coffee photos. For some reason the ambiance of a cafe is something an introvert would deeply appreciate, the feel that you are alone to your thoughts.

I thought of sharing a bit of myself instead of the usual inspirational text. Today marks the first day of #TypeMy10 where I will be sharing 10 things about myself in lettering and typography.

FIRST Entry of #TypeMy10:

My ideal kind of day would be a chilly weather inside a rustic, cozy, dimly-lit cafe. Drinking a hot cup of Cappuccino while watching the hustle and bustle outside the window. Listening to music while reflecting on life and doodling down my thoughts.

Feel free to share ten things about you in your own lettering, and tag #TypeMy10 to join me!

What’s your happy place? 🙂