For You, When You’ve Forgotten

On days when you could barely get up out of bed, hey, you’re awake, you’re alive.

On days when you simply just want to hide from the world, not out of fear, but for the sake of your sanity – you’re brave. Brave for taking care of yourself and that by doing so, you’re being strong for others, too.

On days when no one seems to be on your side, you are your own ally – you’re a boss. A one man team can often get things done too, no matter how small the task.

On days when the traffic gets you late, when you lose something that meant the world to you and nothing goes right, you still try. Sometimes trying is the best you can do, and for that you’re a fighter.

On days when the tears flow like endless rain, and your heart is gripped in pain, you will make it through – you are resilient.

On days when the world has washed you clean of your identity, remember that you’re unique. If you’re a pink, a blue, a green, a purple, whatever, just paint the world that color and revel at the masterpiece that you create.

On days when you doubt your beauty, your pace and your own self worth, remember that your value is not measured by the people around you – you’re amazing.

On days when the sky is overcast and the clouds are murky-gray, look deep within and there you will find that you’re the sunshine.

On days when you feel like your emotions are out of whack and your mental state is nothing short of a ship wreck, remember that to the person who loves you, you’re enough.

On days when you feel lost and look back and to see how far you’ve come, you’re an adventurer. Climb that mountain, cross that ocean, conquer the skies because you can, and you already have.

On days you feel like quitting, let me tell you, you’re not alone. You’re strong and no matter how small the efforts are that you put into making your life (even just a teeny bit) better, trust me, what you’re doing is enough. Baby steps are steps forward, nonetheless.

Let me be the first to tell you that I’m proud of how far you’ve come.

There are many days, even weeks when I could barely function because of anxiety and depression. There are people who are lucky, that they can CHOOSE not to feel what we feel, not to struggle with what we battle with on a daily basis. But for us, sometimes the only choice we have is whether or not to allow this illness to take control of our lives.

There are many days when I let it. But there are days when the only thing I tell myself is “Get off your ass” to get myself out of the intoxicating grip of the warden – depression and the cell – my bed.

I am writing this, miles and miles away from the comfort of my bed. I woke up today, feeling like I’m carrying a huge pile of rocks. It takes thrice as much energy for me to walk or to do the things I usually do. Humor is foreign to me at this point, and this tension headache isn’t making things any easier for me.

All I did today was to “Get off my ass” and somehow I believe it is enough for me to get by for now. That’s all it is. Finding little ways to get by.




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