My Truth.

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Truth? I still cry whenever I'm surrounded by the artworks my creative friends have made, in collab spaces and craft shops around the Metro – it reminds me of the past I've willingly chosen to leave behind. . It's like an echo from a past I refuse to return to. I remember how it felt to create and how wonderful it felt to be complimented and looked up to in the industry. I've met so many people and worked with many brands. But this is my TRUTH: I've came to accept that the spotlight is just not my 'home'. . I know what I am and what I am not. I know that I belong in the background, in the quiet of the bustling city, in the back room of a party (possibly talking to a random but the real-est person I can find). I'm not a social butterfly. I'd prefer deep conversations over small talk any day. I have (more than half of the time) moments when I need to be alone, and there are days (albeit quite rarely) when I'm ready to mingle. . For a year I've changed my name into @littlegirlwanders and closed my current account. That's how long it took me before I decided that I will start the process of healing and acceptance. . I look back to what I was. It still pains me that as an artist, I've stopped creating, drawing and writing for years because I've been so hung up over the past. I'm working on it. I know I am. . To this day, I repeat my mantra: 'You are home where your heart is safe'. In everything I do, I remember to practice self-care and to ask my heart if it felt safe. Because for now, that's what matters; #MentalHealth matters.

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