Snuggly Pets Philippines

I am incredibly thrilled to share with you guys a collab with possibly THE HOTTEST shop for 100% pet-parent-approved items in the Metro. I’m talking about everything customized just for fur your pet, from life-size plushies, leashes, dogtags and keychains! Oh my paws, it’s the one thing I never regret spending on (’cause that’s just how much we love our pets, don’t we?)

My mom’s Yorkshire Terrier, Candy passed away last 2018 and it left a heart-breaking memory as we watched the little one fight and lose the battle after less than a week. On my mom’s birthday this March 14th, I believed that having a replica of Candy would be a way to embrace the loss, but to remember the beautiful memories our girl has left us with.

Snuggly Pets

I came across Snuggly Pets on Shopee as I was trying to find the perfect shop to print Candy’s photo out for me on a pillow. I’m so glad David reached out to me, and was so kind to make one for Sushi as well.

So without further ado *drumroll* here they are!

Sushi is possibly THE happiest she has been this week even after all the road trips, because now she knows how obsessed mommy is with her special she is to mommy!

Snuggly Pets launched their new product 14x14inch Pet Portrait Pillows, and we are so honored to have been the first to have one! This takes me back to when Sushi was a pup, lounging about all day beside my giant teddy bear. It’s an amazing feat, as their company strives to create a solid, tangible memento that we, pet owners could look back to and remember every milestone and  memory that we have shared with our pets.

Their awesomeness doesn’t end there though, here are more things they can customize for you! What do you think of a personalized collar + leash set +  dog tag set? It’s certainly a must-have! You’ll never lose this at the groom shop again – they’ll know exactly who this belongs to. Oh, I couldn’t get over the excitement of taking Sushi out for a walk in this.

The back-side of the dog tag has a neat name and mobile printed on it too. Sushi is clingy as can be when we go out, but sometimes when she’s off-leash she gets carried away. This is a perfect addition for those of us who need to be *extra* sure that our beloved pets don’t stray or get lost.

Want one of your own? Already thinking of which photos to have immortalized?

I don’t blame you, I was sooooo damn excited too. 🙂 This is….
LEGEN… – wait for it – ….DARY!

So here’s a little more about Snuggly Pets and how they turn your dreams into reality.
(Psst…We’ve teamed up to give you a 10% OFF discount code on your orders! See below for more deets)

MAKE YOUR PICK! Their pillows come in THREE sizes, and more to come!
Check out their NEW 14x14in pillows launching this March 2019!

Look at all their creations, aren’t they just precious?


PHP 650 
Transform your favorite pet into an adorable Pillow Pet! Just send us a single high-resolution image of your pet, and we’ll cut out your pet and create an adorable cat pillow, dog pillow, or animal pillow out of it.  The Pet Pillow measures 15 inches on the longest side and is colored black on the back side.  Pet Pillows make the best gift to remember your pet by.  Order one today!

PHP 2,700
The Giant Snuggly Pet measures 40 inches on its longest size and stands around half the size of an adult. The enormous size will make this pillow pet the center of attention wherever you choose to display it.

Php 180
Carry your pet everywhere with you as a keychain pet! Send us a picture of your pet and we’ll transform it into a miniature-size 4 inch Pet Pillow keychain. The picture is printed on both sides. The pillow keychain comes with a keychain ring so that you can attach it to your keys, to your bag, or hang it anywhere you want. You can also choose to have a suction cup instead of the keychain ring so that you can hang it in your car window or any other glass window.

PHP 280

Our customized round and heart-shaped pet tags can be customized with any photos or message you want.  We print on both sides of the tag.  Put your contact number on the back of the tag in case your pet gets lost.

I’ve actually done some research and spoke to travelling pet owners, and gathered that one can only bring their dogs on board the plane – on coach – given that the said dog is certified as a therapy dog and trained as such, AND is flying overseas. Sad news is that we can’t bring them on local flights, but now, Snuggly Pets has come with (sort of) a solution to our dilemma.

For those pet owners (like myself) who have terrible sepanx and who would want to bring their pets EVERYWHERE (which aren’t pet-friendly — BOO), Snuggly Pets should be hailed a SAVIOR.

I can’t have enough of those puppy-dog eyes, so here’s some more!

Personally, the beauty behind these is the fact that every photo, every detail and how the workmanship gives justice to the personality and the uniqueness of our pets. In the littlest ways, these are the perfect keepsake, gift and memento we can have to remind us of our furry friends.

Snuggly Pets is launching a new 14×14 in personalized pet pillow this March. Along with their new product, we’re proud to share our collab by giving you guys a unique promo code for your first order!


Snuggly Pets

I’d love to see what you’ll have made, tag us at #Snapperdoodles or #SnugglyPetsPh!

Snuggly Pets Website

Phone / Viber: 0927-452-8620

(Photos and copyrighted media taken from Snuggly Pets’ website, Facebook and/or Instagram)



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