One Day at a Time

There are days when things just don’t make sense – when you look at it on a day to day basis. What will I do now? Where shall I go later? How do I pay for bills? What shall I eat for dinner? How will I get by?

Try to look back three or four years ago, nothing made sense back then either; yet see how far you’ve come.. Look at things, in a macro perspective, a birds eye view. It will show you the picture you’ve been painting since day one.

Here is a photo I took FOUR years ago, it’s been so long, yet I am still in this unknown, random, creative journey. Looking back, it’s been a crazy ride, yet I regret nothing. When nothing makes sense, I remember to think about why I started this walk.

To inspire others.

I know that if I continue this path, everything will make sense someday, and I’ll see the artwork that is my life.

Thank you @ifexph for this day calendar to remind me to take life one day at a time, yet never be afraid to see things with a new perspective.



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