A Writer’s Growth


As writers, we express ourselves most freely through every word, paragraph and punctuation. Where we render ourselves raw, vulnerable and exposed.

“…language will reveal what is inside of you if you know how to read between the lines. The words you choose will expose you.”

I, personally, write and draw with the hope of becoming an inspiration. I wanted to change the world, to make it a little less daunting. Life shouldn’t be all bleak and depressing.  It has always been my desire to let my words flow to my readers as a source of warmth, to give solace and assurance that they aren’t the only ones going through the same situation. We are all just human beings after all. At one point we go through the same process, challenges and adversities; and in the end, we all have the strength to rise above it.

Looking back, I’ve witnessed how much I’ve grown through the years. My writings have become mirrors that reflect how much stronger I’ve become. My words have evolved, to reflect myself better, to hide nothing and to learn how to be genuinely – ME. The journey has been rough, it has left me battered and bruised. But after all, no warrior comes out of the war unscathed.

“…language is a tricky thing. You think you’re telling stories that will change people and the world but instead you are just rewriting your own history so that the past hurts are transformed into reference points to mark how much you’ve grown and how resilient you are in the face of disappointment.”

As writers, our words become our biographies and our memoirs, record of our strengths.

“You tell stories of how much you’ve lived and how much you’ve learned but all you do is reveal how you are the kind of person who mistakes a chance encounter during the Blue Moon as something more than what it was.”

We write to tell a story, little do we know that it’s about our own journey.

“I wanted to be a writer to change the world but it seems that as I write, I’m changing myself.”


Credits to PANORAMA contributing writer, Wanggo Gallaga. Your words have exposed a reality we, writers all encounter: As we write, we find ourselves along the way.





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