In Escaping, I Found Myself

Over the past few months, my heart grew weary and my mind has been collecting cobwebs in the attic. In my journey, my hands stopped drawing and my feet stood still, with no inspiration nor optimism to keep going further. I felt lost without an identity.

My love, my best friend; grew more and more concerned for me as the days went by until all he knew would be best for me is to take a breath of fresh air and begin again.

Thus, our annual Tagaytay day trip came early this year, probably because I needed it sooner than I thought.

We headed out first thing in the morning, the long drive slowly easing me from all thoughts and worries hours I have left behind me in Manila. I smiled from ear to ear, my heart filled with happiness as the cold air of Tagaytay welcomed  us cheerfully through the car window.

At the stroke of lunchtime, we arrived at Bag of Beans, quite luckily to one of their branches that offered a spectacular view of the lake. The lush green garden was perfect to soothe a battered city-living soul such as ours. Nature does in fact, heal you in many ways.


Bag of Bean’s, Tagaytay

This hidden gem reminds me of the beauty of a simple life: surrounded by nature, delicious home-cooked meals and being in the company of people you love.


Beef Short Ribs

I’m personally not a foodie but these are well-deserved photos for a memorable outdoor date in Tagaytay. (We had Beef ShortRibs with Mashed Potato, Aligue Penne Pasta and not pictured is the Carmel Macchiato and Shepherd’s Pie)


Aligue Penne Pasta

Trips like these are often filled with more spontaneity than usual, this explains a lot how we got from land to lake right after a relaxing brunch. We’ve decided to visit the crater of Taal.


Upon reaching the shore, I sat under the little hut and watched the volcano from afar. I thought to myself, that’s where I’ll be in a few minutes, right up there. I watched the boatman’s skilful strokes as he readied the boat for our ride across the lake. Deep inside me, I was happy. Happy because of the simplicity, happy because of the adventure that lay ahead.

The weather wasn’t the prettiest, we had to brave the downpour of rain as we sped across the lake. Just one word to describe the 20-minute boat-ride ordeal – WET.

Despite getting off the boat soaking wet, it hadn’t dampened our spirits to see what waits for us atop the rocky volcano. We rode on horseback for thirty minutes (but we very much would’ve preferred hiking it all the way if it wasn’t raining), admiring the smell and feel of nature (while petting the horse I was riding, of course. I couldn’t resist!)

What was in store for us was much more than I had expected. I’ve been up the volcano once before, but I didn’t remember it being this beautiful. The clouds were low and heavy, the breeze was perfect, the view was nothing short of spectacular. Right that moment, I felt my heart bursting with happiness, leaping with the thrill of an adventure, and full of love for the person who did everything to bring me to where we were that moment.


I had half a day to explore, twelve hours to be exact. In those few hours, I haven’t felt more alive in my life. The little day trip has rekindled my passion, showed me that beauty lies in places where only few venture out to see.

In life, we often need to rest. Resting and sleeping are two different things. Sleeping is a way for your body to regenerate, to regain energy for your daily activities…

…while through resting, you allow your soul to breathe.

I don’t know what you are going through right now, I’m sure we each have our own giants to face. But I’ve learned that with a lot of love and support, we gain courage to become who we were meant to be. With someone to hold your hand through it all and someone who believes in you no matter what, you will grow wings to soar and to do so much more than you can imagine. All it takes is ONE PERSON who believes in you, unconditionally.

For whatever challenges you are facing, remember that sometimes  oftentimes…

The best view does come after the hardest climb.






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