“Meant to Be”

Some believe in what they call “serendipity”, “fate” and “destiny”; but maybe those are just names we use to describe the term: “the perfect timing”. What do you think?

One day our lives become the very epitome of: MESSY. And then all of a sudden all the planets seem to align for us, when everything beautifully, peacefully, seamlessly and perfectly fall into place. Call it whatever you like, for me, it’s “meant to be”.

For many of those who may be curious, no I have not stopped creating. I took a quick break when there came a point in my life when I felt lost, as if my artworks have lost their life and meaning. My eyes see began seeing the world in black and white. Every single activity, even drawing began to feel like an obligation rather than an outlet to BREATHE. It took me almost a year of DRIFTING.


Drifting isn’t one of the best ways to describe your life at a college reunion. It’s a state of being lost, unaware of which direction to go next and the inability to wake up in the morning to DO something. It will take a while, but in these moments of solitude and self reflection, you find yourself. So believe me when I say: Drift on.

In what would seem to be “destiny”, you will find what you love; or in my case, it found me.

At any point in your life, don’t ever think to yourself that you have failed completely. Just keep this in mind: To do your best in every task, both great or small. The rest shall follow.

Believe me, one day when you least expect it, everything shall fall into place. Don’t be in a hurry, let it find you.


To the person who has been there for me when I drifted:

I know it took quite a while before I had the strength to believe in the beauty of tomorrows. My eyes have long been closed to seeing possibilities, my hands tired of endless toiling and my heart closed to feelings. Those months were difficult for me, and I’m sure they were far more difficult for you to wake up each day with this lifeless, empty shell of a person.

I appreciate your every effort, to try to bring the life back into me. To show me all the reasons to keep trying, all the reasons to be happy. You have shown me that there is more to life than what is expected of us, that we can surpass even our own expectaions of ourselves.

Thank you for your unwavering love and pateince during those dark days. Of all the things that fell into place, you were one of them and I’m so blessed to have you by my side. I’m glad you were my “Meant to Be.”





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