Trust the Timing


Oh how time flies.

This beautiful Daniel Wellington watch came in the mail yesterday. I was overjoyed and couldn’t wait to post this up on the blog!

Little did I know that it would serve as a reminder for me to recall my journey this past year. How Snapperdoodles came to be. How little by little I actually learned to live.

It’s SnapperDoodles’ second birthday this year. Come to think of it, two years isn’t much; but a lot has happened in my life and I could only sit here and wonder how it all fell into place at just the right time.



Opportunities have presented themselves. People I have come to know have become dear friends. The world, I realized, is ENORMOUS. Without taking the first step outside our comfort zone, we would never know what lies beyond in the great unknown.

Until now I’m still uncertain whether or not jumping out of the corporate world was a “suicide attempt” for me. And I must admit it hasn’t all been rainbows and butterflies in freelance, but there is one thing I can guarantee: that there are plenty of lessons to be learned, and a whole lot of room to grow.

Over the past two years, Snapperdoodles, I realized isn’t the product of my growth, but rather a tool for me to reach beyond my own expectations and to someday reach my full potential. Sometimes we cling to what we assume to be our source of fulfillment, but let me tell you, the only source of fulfillment is ourselves. To be better than who we were yesterday.

Sure there are rough patches and cracks along the way, but these are opportunities to make us stronger and better. These help us become ready for the blessings that would come at the just right time.

Are you ready when the blessings come?


Thank you so much Daniel Wellington Watches for this gift. And for their generosity! Daniel Wellington is giving 15% OFF any of their watches up on for all of you guys!

Here’s all you need to get your own pretty watch!

unnamed.pngDiscount code: doodlesDW (Valid until July 15, 2016)


SnapperDoodles X Daniel Wellington




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