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November’s Hourglass



October for me has been a month to unwind and refocus. The time spent in Bicol has been filled with beautiful blue skies and cheerful mornings. The brief trip me realize a couple of things:

Being used to life in the big city, I am surprised at the slow-paced life in the province. The unhurried and undemanding life in the province gives people more time to think and moreover to appreciate and thank God for what they have, both big and small. Being a typhoon hotspot in the Philippines, waking up to a sunny day is already a blessing in itself. The people know how to be content, simple food, simple clothing, a hot cup of coffee (that isn’t even Starbucks) is enough to perk up their day. The way they stroll without an immediate need to reach their destination, how they smile widely at the strangers passing by, and how their life opens more windows to see and appreciate the simple things in life. Aside from the bounty of nature in the province, I can say that the hearts of the people there are just as beautiful.It’s true Bicol isn’t as advanced nor as sophisticated as Manila, the malls aren’t as luxurious, the food, not as fancy….but really though, maybe that’s a good thing?

I’ve been exposed to the “normal” life here in the city. The daily commute to the office is a constant race against time, pushing, shoving and squeezing on the train. The people flocking the elevator when the clock strikes 12PM. A quick lunch break in fast-food restaurants maybe? And of course the rush home to avoid hour-long traffic jams along the metro’s busiest roads. We are always on the go, always in a hurry to get someplace and to rushing to get something done.

I guess it’s a price for living in the big city.



This photo was taken from the cemetery on November 1st. I realized how much I envy the people who have passed, how peaceful their “second” life is, it made me wonder what it must be like. After all the hustling and bustling, do we really have to wait until the next life to learn how to slow down?




I visited my grandmother recently and at the sight of her, my thoughts were all jumbled up and no words can explain how painful it is to see life slowly being eaten away. Time, is not something we could hold on to. Every day s a step closer to our last. It’s a pretty glum thing to say, especially in a blog, but it’s the truth. It’s a thought that has helped me learn to appreciate my family, my friends, my work and my time…because everything is temporary.

We won’t know how much sand is left in the hourglass. But what do you do while you still have time?

Live like you’re dying.





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