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The Garden of Grace


Whew! This week has been such a whirlwind of events, ones that I never would have thought I could EVER become a part of. By God’s timely blessing and  grace I was invited by Baby and Breakfast to sponsor Quote Bags for the Mom-Me Time event on October 15. This event was organized by Babyland and Baby and Breakfast to give their guests a little break from the mommy-duties with a simple afternoon get-together.


Here is the blogpost of Baby and Breakfast covering all the awesome stuff that went on that day, check it out here: Mom – Me Time 2014



Being a lover of all things floral and pretty, I would honestly admit, I could live here! Kidding aside, this place was transformed from a regular function room into a gorgeous indoor-garden in a matter of hours, thanks to Gideon Hermosa’s amazing and intricate floral arrangements.

I’m certain I’m not the only one dreaming of a beautiful garden wedding now! 🙂




There hanging on the lovely garden-chair is my SnapperDoodles “Bloom where you are planted” Quote bag made especially for the beautiful event that day.

(Photo taken from Baby and Breakfast’s blog)



Here I am, all happy-dorky in my artist outfit. It’s my first ever official chalkboard art! I know it’s not as good as other works, a little more practice might help. Trust me in this though, being the neat-freak that I am, it wasn’t easy using dusty chalk to make art.


But sometimes you endure the struggle when you know that the result will be worth every second of it.




On October 16th, I have been invited to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf #TheGivingJournal2o15 planner launch.

Hmm, my attention span has been shorter than usual because I had three cups of coffee that day, all I wanted to do was run around BGC. Haha! But I AM psyched to get a CBTL 2015 Planner for all my lettering and doodles. I will definitely share my works here on the blog as well (..and on Instagram, that goes without saying!) 🙂



It has also been such a pleasure meeting the makers of Craft MNL with their wire-bookmark activity. We had to make the bookmarks out of wire with a word that would describe our goal this coming 2015. Mine was “Believe” because I want to keep believing that there are many wonderful things ahead, by God’s grace and leading.


As the year ends, I couldn’t help but look back to the humble beginnings, saying a little “Thank You” to God would never seem to be enough. Four months into SnapperDoodles and the journey has been thrilling! I know in my heart that this is a risky thing venturing out into the art-industry without an art background, also for rejecting the stable life offered by a banking career; but the Lord has shown Himself to be the Provider.

I never dreamed nor imagined that meeting these people would be possible, that wallflowers like myself could attend events such as these and that a simple art account on Instagram could be a platform to share God’s love to many.

Seven more months with SnapperDoodles, where might the Lord lead next?

Keep doodling, keep praying!







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