Art Meets ANIMO!



After many requests to open workshops in the South, SnapperDoodles is finally heading to the Taft area! Whew it feels like decades since I last visited my alma mater! Can’t wait til tomorrow to meet up a few people for another Lettering Workshop. I’m sure many things have changed since I last visited (I think my last trip to DLSU was Oct 2012), time sure flies!

The big class workshop last Saturday made me realize that I am more comfortable and teach more effectively in a small group rather than a big one. So, these coming -BER months, the Snapperdoodles Workshops will be on full swing with one-on-one classes and mini workshops (3-4 students).

In spreading the love of traditional art and lettering, I try my best to make the workshops more and more accessible. (I still don’t know how to drive and commute to many places, so Banawe and Taft will be the venues for now). Don’t worry, I will surely announce if I will open more venues on my Instagram page! 🙂

I hope that the coming months would be fun and fruitful for us all before the end of another year 2014. Mark off Lettering Workshops from your bucket lists and come join my classes in

Taft: Noriter and Cafe De Seoul
Banawe: Chef Roberts and Serenitea


To join the regular scheduled workshops, register on the online form below.

To open private workshops for you and your group of friends (3 persons) on your preferred date, please send me an e-mail: snapp3rdoodles@gmail.com



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