My Happy Place


Coffee used to be poison for me, back then in college. I hated it, the sight of it, the smell of it, was yucky. One day I was stuck waiting for someone in a cafe, I had no choice but to order something: White Chocolate Dream Latte from Coffe Bean and Tea Leaf. That was the start of my love for coffee.

Now, cafe’s are my home and coffee is my creative drink haha!

If you see my posts on Instagram: SnapperDoodles  you’d see tons of art + coffee photos. For some reason the ambiance of a cafe is something an introvert would deeply appreciate, the feel that you are alone to your thoughts.

I thought of sharing a bit of myself instead of the usual inspirational text. Today marks the first day of #TypeMy10 where I will be sharing 10 things about myself in lettering and typography.

FIRST Entry of #TypeMy10:

My ideal kind of day would be a chilly weather inside a rustic, cozy, dimly-lit cafe. Drinking a hot cup of Cappuccino while watching the hustle and bustle outside the window. Listening to music while reflecting on life and doodling down my thoughts.

Feel free to share ten things about you in your own lettering, and tag #TypeMy10 to join me!

What’s your happy place? 🙂

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