Happiness is a Choice


“Today I choose to be happy.” Last January 2014 when I started my lettering journey, I was recovering from a recent heartache. Have I not sought happiness from relationships, I never would have been desperate for something so temporary.

Looking back to my Twenty-year-old self, ย I realize how important it is to be independent: To be able to find “that” happiness on our own. ย I added quotation marks because I can’t really explain “that” kind of happiness. It took me years of rebellion from my family and my church, three ย years of going into toxic relationships (and heartaches) and a lifetime of isolation before finding it. But the rough and winding road to happiness was worth it, sometimes the best things in life take time, right?

I started finding happiness when I began doing what I love, and ultimately when I went back to God after many years wasted in rebellion. I saw myself in the light of His love, how I could serve, my purpose in life and the gifts I was given to use. It was there where I found that:

Happiness is loving yourself. Love, despite all your flaws and weaknesses, leave it all to God to turn all that imperfection into a masterpiece. Why? Because He can.

Happiness is an verb. No, you won’t be happy by just sitting there wallowing over things you can’t control in your life. It is being pro-active and actually doing something that gives your life purpose.

Happiness is contentment. When exactly will money and fame be ENOUGH?

Happines is a choice.

*Feel free to download this wallpaper for your phone or for your desktop to be a reminder to make the right choice everyday. ๐Ÿ™‚

**Background isn’t mine. Just the lettering art.


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