My Life Story

My Story – God’s Faithfulness

God is Faithful


I’m unsure of where to begin as I’m also unsure of when God stopped showing His faithfulness in my life.

I guess I might as well start off where I finally realized this fact.

One of the most challenging decisions I had to make in life, was the course I’d have to take up in college. People often say, it’ll be something that will define the person for the rest of their lives. It wasn’t so difficult for me, being in a chinese family. Despite my love for art, things have been pretty pre-determined: I have to take up a business course as it proves more flexible and job-hunt worthy, as they say. So I graduated with a degree in Finance, despite my desire to learn about arts. I’ve always lived by the verse: “Children, obey your parents for this is right”. I’m no longer a child, but it’s still the right thing to do, where some might agree and disagree.

I found a job in a multi-national company even before I walked the stage to receive my diploma, but after a few months, I felt the emptiness of not being able to do what I loved. I tried hard to stick to the corporate routine, working each day to fulfill my duties and to try to love what I do. I finished my work hours before deadlines, I complete requests and am proud that I have learned much; proving that I am efficient in the corporate world. But after a few months I felt that there should be more to life than that. I’m not lazy, don’t get me wrong; I’m a workaholic by nature, and being busy keeps me alive. But there are two kinds of busy I guess: Loaded with work you don’t love, and the kind that gives you a sense of purpose. The latter seems more appealing, doesn’t it? To me it seemed so.

A couple of months later I left for another banking career. Oh, before I go into that, a little fact about myself : My conversational skills are horrible, so bad that I’d choose not to answer telephones! Okay, so the new job helped me up my confidence a bit, as well as to learn how to talk to people (talk about a miracle). There was also computer-work in the office, and to my surprise, most of the knowledge I learned from my first job proved essential to my second. (hallelujah!) Later on I felt tired both mentally and physically, and it only fueled my desire to explore the field of arts.

It took weeks and many sleepless nights to decide on whether to leave the security of a stable job for an unknown future in art. On my birthday, I promised myself:

“Starting today, this year of 2014, I will do everything to reach my dream of becoming a well-known artist. If that fails, I can always go back to the confines of an office building.”

With that I filed my resignation letter.

On July 2014, a string of events brought me to join the CCF Friends Retreat where my dreams were brought to new light. I completely surrendered to God all my hopes, my dreams and all my plans. I used to desire wealth, fame and position in the art industry, but I saw a greater purpose in the Lord. From that, my 2014 promise became:

“This year 2014, I will do all I can to serve and glorify God through the talent, skill and passion He has given me.”

The retreat brought God back to the center of my life. During the mid-year prayer and fasting week He confirmed that I should pursue my passion. Today, my shop: SnapperDoodles, holds workshops, bazaars and more because of the Lord’s promise in Jeremiah 29:11. I may not be the best artist, I may not be the most people-oriented nor the most well-known; living for the Lord through art is enough for me.

Looking back to the past few months, I have come to realize how God worked faithfully in my life. Through my first job in the multi-national company I acquired the skills needed for my second job, and little did I know that the conversational skills I learned would be a stepping stone for the SnapperDoodle Workshops. Without it, I never would have overcome my introverted nature.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. He knew where I’d be in a few years, He knew what I really wanted to do in my life… It took a while, and a lot of rough roads before I saw the bigger picture.

This is my first post, and I’m sharing the story of how SnapperDoodles began. You may not have heard of me, and that’s okay. But if you saw my art for the Lord, you made my day, because that is all that matters.

“A single day lived with purpose, is worth more than a lifetime of doubt.”




6 thoughts on “My Story – God’s Faithfulness

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  2. kmvpala says:

    Wow! This brought me into thinking. I am a registered nurse and the same as you, it seems i don’t have the passion for my work. I’m still waiting how the Lord will pave His way for me. I too love creating.


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